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Every customer oriented organization, irrespective of their line of business, strives to keep their customer base happy and to continually expand it. Understanding customer needs, offering a good product and providing a good support is only a small step towards having better customer satisfaction. The main challenge is to sustain this and to maintain a consistent customer patronage and for this purpose it is important to enliven this concept across the various divisions of the organization ranging from marketing to after sale support.

In this age where the Internet is driving all the businesses and the customer has an unlimited range of options it is imperative that the company makes itself effective in all the mediums. SHST has CRM specialists who have a thorough understanding of the customer sentiments and hold the capability of coupling this knowledge with their industry experience to help you identify the customer touch points, design and integrate your marketing, sales and support solutions and devise expert mechanisms to analyze and manage customer data.

Customer Contact Management
We provide solutions that are based on integration of sales force automation and service automation resulting in effective and consistent customer experience across varied access channels.

Customer Intelligence Offering
For a good customer interaction it is very important that the information (customer specific and generic), is available from every part of the enterprise and is comprehensive and integrated. This requires building of a customer-centric knowledge base with an equally good human interface. SHST can help you develop tools and provide expertise to build elegant systems that would enable your organization to intelligently analyze customer data, devise customer loyalty programs and identify profit generating customer segments

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