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With years of experience in Voice and non voice services that seven hills acquired, now it would like to have its presence felt in Medical transcription services. Ever since it conceptualized this new division it has done necessary due diligence and manpower recruitment and made the infrastructure ready for required trial runs. .

SHSTINC now has a team of 15 to transcript, proof read and quality check, to start and expand its services to companies which outsource the work. SHSTINC is in the continuous process of recruiting quality people in order to deliver the accuracy levels near to 99% and above. To begin with the team is ready to transcript 5000 lines per day. The centre will be ready very soon to give a 24x7 support to its clients and scale its transcription capacity to 15000 lines per day. Most of our operations are during night, as a support office to our clients in USA. Companies which are looking for support during night hours, we are the best choice

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